I’ve written two novels on the subject of assisted dying: Proximity and Extremis. They are currently available as e-books.

PROXIMITY: Mistakes, omissions, instructions misheard…no system is perfect, and culpability cannot always be assigned. In hospital such errors lead to death. Peter Owens knows that. For him death is a treatment that only he is brave enough to administer. He has found a way to commit euthanasia without causing suspicion. Nina Charan is new to the hospital, and quickly submits to his enthusiastic tutelage. Within weeks she has witnessed two inexplicable deaths. Her investigations will gradually bring her to the source of her mentor’s skewed understanding of medical ethics. But as her naivety is stripped away she is overcome by circumstances…and soon finds herself on the brink of collusion. This novel explores euthanasia, medical negligence, ethics and the fine balance between autonomy and paternalism.

EXTREMIS: Stephen Newman is dying. The correct diagnosis has evaded the best medical minds, and nothing has been done to arrest his physical deterioration. When Nina Charan meets him in the emergency department of the London Academic Centre, she knows that something, a clue in the history, has been missed. As it becomes clear that her patient is not divulging all the relevant facts about his life, Nina experiences the same bewilderment and confusion that overtook her in PROXIMITY. A larger, deeper game is being played, involving medical ethics, politics, personal hypocrisy and a human life. Nina is once again manoeuvred into a position of crucial importance, one from which she will not be able to extract herself without tearing through the complex web of interests that has enveloped her.


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