All The Pieces (books for children)


This is a series of books for children (age 7 – 12) and has its own website. Here you will find summaries and excerpts.

Through 9 illustrated books follow Tamsin Taylor as she comes to terms with the significance of the Pieces – objects that glow and hum with the power of nature, perhaps Earthly, probably not. She enters the eternal battle with the Stone Splitters, who have sworn to rid the world of a substance that they believe has corrupted history.

The books are all available on Amazon. The first 5 have been packaged together into one volume. for £9.99, and the volumes 6-8 are available in a second compilation. The final volume, K-Pg, was released in May 2018.

These books were written to match the reading age of my children as they grew up. Hence, the earlier volumes are shorter, have larger writing, a  more simplistic style, and more pictures. K-Pg borders on YA (young adult) in its themes (no romance, but ‘mild peril’ as they say before PG films).

The series:

The Cloud Marble, The Diamond Rivet, The Meteorite, The Mosaic Tile, The Spot and the Spiral, The School in the Sky, Meadow Bay Fair, The Coronation of Stephen and K-Pg.



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